Donna Ranson, ACI
ASHI Certified Inspector
Alaska State Licensed Existing Home Inspector #37

I was interested in houses even as a child.  My mother would take me to vacant homes for sale (they weren’t locked in those days).  While she admired the handcarved fireplace mantels I investigated every hole and open panel I could find.

While on active duty I spent much of my free time scouting new construction sites.  The way the systems fit together was interesting.  I had several opportunities to speak with builders.  I was learning about construction long before I had even heard of home inspectors.

My home inspection career began as a part-time endeavor in 1996 while serving on active duty in the military as a Munitions Systems Speicailist. I was an inspector for the majority of that career.  I retired from 20 years military service on 1 Oct 2001, focused on fulltime home inspecting, and have completed more than 4500 inspections. I became an ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Candidate in October 2001 and a fully certified inspector in July 2004. I was the Secretary for the Alaska Chapter of ASHI from December 2001 until May 2009.  I am currently expanding my business to include 3 new inspectors whose bios will be posted later this year.

Technical Training:
  • Home Inspection diploma Aug 1999
  • Home Remodeling and Repair – diploma Feb 2002
  • Minimum 20 hours continuing education annually, the majority of which is typically obtained at Inspection World, an annual training convention hosted by ASHI (state requires only 16 hours every two years).


  • Inspection World Philidelphia


  • Inspection World Nashville


  • New Building Energy Efficiency Standard
  • Mechanical Code
  • Residential Moisture Intrusion, Building Science, and Forensic Investigation
  • Advanced Water Heating and Hot Water Efficiency
  • Wood Truss Inspections
  • PEX Pipe and Radiant Floor Heating
  • Well and Septic System Inspections
  • Radon
  • I-Joists and Engineered Wood Beams


  • Building Science
  • Lead Safety for Repairs, Renovation, and Painting
  • Structural Code
  • Crawlspace Ventilation and Insulation


  • Advanced Electrical Defect Recognitio
  • Water Intrusion into Buildings, Forensic Investigations
  • How Lead Based Paint can Impact Your Business
  • Environmental Inspections
  • Common Foundation Problems
  • Next Level “Green” Homes and Energy Efficiency
  • Adding a New Inspector the SMART Way
  • E&O Insurance Risk Management


  • Residential Forensic Investigator’s Case Studies
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Dry Basement Science
  • Commercial Property Inspections
  • Fact or Fiction? Moisture Intrusion
  • House Whisperer
  • Advanced Electrical: Who’s Fault Is It?