Donna Ranson, ASHI Certified Inspector Alaska State Licensed Existing Home Inspector #37

We offer Pre-Listing (for sellers) and Pre-Purchase (for buyers) inspections. We also offer Radon testing and Lead paint testing.

We are available Mon through Sat usually with just 3-4 days notice. Reinspections can be scheduled with little delay. Visual inspection of existing homes includes condos, single family homes, and multi-family homes 12-plex and larger. Commercial property inspections will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A typical 2000sf single family home inspection takes about 3 hours on site. Some inspections may take a little longer. A verbal summary and explanation of repairs is provided for each system during the inspection so you can better understand the deficiencies and potential problem areas.

Reports are easy to read with a bullet style repair list and comprehensive narrative. Most reports are delivered within 12 hours via email.

The inspection may include infrared thermography.

Radon testing is a short term (48-96 hours) measurement of radon gas, a Class-A carcinogen, at the lowest livable level of your home. A second test is recommended if the first test reveals a level at or above the EPA limit of 4 PCI/L. Results are available the same day. Testing should be accomplished every two years.

Mold is not always visible nor does it always have an odor.  Testing is done with swabs and/or air cassettes which are sent to an independent laboratory and results may take up to 7 days to be reported.  Request this test if you have known or suspected sensitivities to mold.

Lead is a heavy metal which is toxic to organs and body tissues.  Lead paint may be present in homes built prior to 1978.  Results are immediately available.

Systems Inspected

Items inspected include everything from the yard to the roof, inside and out, as readily accessible that affects the home:

  • Grade and drainage, foliage
  • Foundation, basement or crawlspace
  • Exterior siding, trim, finish, doors, windows
  • Interior finish, door and window function
  • Plumbing, heating, electrical, heat recovery ventilators
  • Appliances, fireplace
  • Attic insulation, ventilation
  • Roof, flashing, gutters
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Items specifically excluded are well and septic systems, hot tubs, water softeners, central vacuums, security systems, and roofs that can’t be accessed with a 15′ ladder.